• In Search of Growth In Search of Growth

    Distribution dominates the 2015 strategic agenda

    by Doug French

    Heading into 2015, prospects for the US life insurance and annuity sector are generally bright, with multiple reasons for optimism. As customers return to simplified, tax-deferred products, annuity sales have shown recent improvements. read more
  • Millennials and Money Millennials and Money

    Integrating investment, risk & volatility

    by Laura Varas and Chris J. Brown

    Younger Americans are recognizing that safe but snail-paced savings accounts won’t achieve their long-term financial goals. Having now experienced two bull markets in their adult lifetime, Millennials are increasingly more comfortable “taking risks with investments by accepting volatility in the hope of getting a higher return.” read more
  • IN PROFILE: Juli McNeely IN PROFILE: Juli McNeely

    Advisor Advocates

    by Carolyn Ellis

    Juli McNeely is owner and president of McNeely Financial in Spencer, Wisconsi. She became NAIFA’s first female president in September 2014 at the association’s national conference in San Diego. read more
  • The Path to Retirement Happiness The Path to Retirement Happiness

    The happiest retirees take specific steps to plan, both financially and emotionally

    by Tom Foster

    Nearly one in two Americans retire earlier than expected yet most retirees report enjoying their lives and feel financially secure, according to research from MassMutual Retirement Services. Few retirees say they are bored, lonely or lack purpose. Really? read more
  • Death and Exes Death and Exes

    What if your divorce proceedings outlive you?

    by Christine P. Yates

    What is the most frightful word in the English language? Most would say “death”. A close second would surely be “divorce.” read more
  • Planning Realities for High Net Worth Planning Realities for High Net Worth

     Helping high-paids in a high-tax environment

    by Brian Ashe, CLU

    Sometimes we consider high income earners and high net worth individuals to be “insulated” from economic downturns. Yet, after the last big market downturn, about one third of the top one percent of earners were gone from that list, one that they were on only two years earlier. read more
  • Withdrawal Planning and the Dynamics of Volatility Withdrawal Planning and the Dynamics of Volatility

     For many pre-retirees, market volatility has altered the retirement horizon

    by George “Skip” Saideh

    As we enter another year, many investors still continue to worry about the economy and its effect on their short and long-range retirement goals. Although there is often time to recover and adjust for many investors who are in accumulation mode, the investor who is ready to retire now has some difficult decisions to make and issues to face. read more
  • The Finance of Special Needs The Finance of Special Needs

    Advisors must take a comprehensive view
    in developing effective plans

    by Channing T Schmidt, J.D., CFP

    Families with members who have special needs face a future filled with complex challenges. Ensuring proper care for family members with special needs and meeting the financial needs of the rest of the family is a constant concern. read more
  • Retirement Planning: Millennials Vs. Boomers Retirement Planning: Millennials Vs. Boomers

    While one checks out, another clocks in

    by Noah Beck

    The most famous brainteaser in history is the riddle of the Sphinx: What goes on four feet in the morning, two feet at noon, and three feet in the evening? Oedipus answers correctly: Man – who crawls on all fours as a baby, walks on two feet as an adult, and needs a walking stick in old age. read more
  • New Approaches to Retirement Income New Approaches to Retirement Income

    Utilizing the benefits of Investment-Only VAs

    by Laurence Greenberg

    Over the next decade, more than 10,000 Baby Boomers will turn sixty-five every day. One of out every four 65-year-olds today will live past the age of 90, and one out of 10 will live past age 95. As this generation anticipates living decades longer after leaving the workforce, they share one common fear: outliving their retirement savings. read more
  • Buying a Financial Practice Buying a Financial Practice

    The due diligence process

    by Tiffany Markarian

    With the advent of financial advisors considering retirement, coupled with the rising trend of advisors valuing their practices, the decision to buy a financial practice can be a means of growth and expansion. The purchase of a financial practice can replace years of prospecting and client acquisition efforts by an advisor in a relatively short period of time. read more
  • Integrating Social Security Into Your Practice Integrating Social Security Into Your Practice

    More and more advisors look to broaden their expertise

    by David G. Freitag, CLU, ChFC, CRPC

    It is a long-standing tradition, at this time of year, to make business-based resolutions for 2015. These “New Year’s” resolutions represent important ways to improve your practice and increase your value to your clients. For your consideration, here are ten different ways to use Social Security to do just that. read more
  • Social Security Optimization Social Security Optimization

    Guiding clients to retirement income

    by J. Maxey Sanderson, CLU, ChFC, FLMI

    Advisors see Social Security optimization information as a great lead into retirement income planning. And it certainly can be. However, sometimes advisors get bogged down in the details of Social Security which cause delays for the advisors and frustrations for retirees. read more